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Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love and neglect the ones who love us b’coz We r sure we’ll never loss them ….strange but very true…
Good evening

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A nice quote n the fact.. “closest relationship in the world have fought more battle than the enemies”
So keep fighting with loved one.. Good evening. . .

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In life,we have a lot to Lose & very little to Choose..!
Whenever u get a chance to choose, do it wisely & see that u
NEVER LOSE WAT U CHOOSE!).. Good evening

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Be a poet when u r alone, Be a king when u command, Be a lover wen some 1 loves u, Be a scientist when u work, Be history when u die, Be a friend until i die.. Good evening. . . Have a nice evening. . .

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We may easily forget d people with whom v laughed n enjoyed. But, we cant 4get those people wit whom v cried n shared our feelings.its true.
Good evening…

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Give laugh to all but smile to ONE.
Give love to all but heart to ONE.
Give life to all but live for ONE..
Have a cool evening…

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Most of the things we desire are EXPENSIVE. But the truth is: The things That really satisfy us Are FREE: Love, joy, laughter & Good relations.
good evening!!!!!!

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Life can be happier & stress less if we remember one simple thought:
“We can’t have all that we desire, but God will give us all that we deserve”Have a good evening.

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Cute and true lines – Never choose a dear one without understanding and never loose a dear one because of misunderstanding…
Good evening

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“A lovely friendship should have the determination of mirror which never loses its ability to reflect even it is broken into thousand pieces”. Good evening

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“Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect..
It just means
we have decided to see everything beyond the imperfections”.
Good evening…:-)

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My wishes are silent but true,
Everywhere they will follow you…
Luck is yours,Wishes are mine…
I wish your present & future always shine…
Good Evening

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/ |_
The sunshine of ur smile might chase d clouds 4m sm1’s life keep smiling.
good evening.

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ice !
water !
milk !
baby !
You !
So That y0u can be Smart
f0r EvEr Like Me…
Good Evening

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Don’t guess a person’s character on his present situation.
Bcoz, Time has the power to change an ordinary coal into
a precious diamond….Good Evening. . .