Good Morning SMS, Text Messages

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Every new day is a gift. But The longer you wait to open it, The smaller it gets!

Good Morning!

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Tree leaves do not look green forever,
Roses do not look fresh forever,
But I pray to ALLAH that
Smile on your lips stay forever.

Good Morning & Have A Nice Day

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Never blame any day in your life.
Good days give u happiness,
Bad days give u experience.
Worst days give u a lesson.

Have a good morning and great day ahead.

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‘I’ Pray For ‘U’

A Day That U Truly Deserve
A Day As Good As Ur Heart
A Day As Bright As Ur Smile
A Day As Wonderful As U Want

Good Morning

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An excellent saying
“The Dream is not what you see in sleep,
Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep.
Good morning….

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When u pray for others, God listens to u & blesses them..
Sometimes when u r safe & happy, remember that sum1 prayed for u too!! Good Morning!

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Early this morning God gave me 3 baskets of fruits
and told me 2 share them with peal Dear 2 me.
I’m sharing all with U…
Good Morning!

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R u waiting 4 my msg????
So sweet
Don’t worry ,
How can i forget u??
Here comes my msg to wish u

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Thank you for waking me up.
A warm good morning, after
sweet dreams of last night.
wish you a good day with good morning:)

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Morning is not only sunrise
but a beautiful miracle of GOD
that defeats the darkness & spread light.
May everyday spread light in your whole life.Ameen.!
“Good Morning“

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SMILE is not a word, its a beautiful sentence..
S- Speak
M- More
I- In
L- Less
E- Energy…
So always keep smiling & be happy!! ”
Good Morning……..

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All d achievements in this world r made by People who had d courage to not to listen to d crowd..
Do what they felt was right??
Good morning!!

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Don’t Think About What You Haven’t Got……”
Think About What You Have Got
How To Use It …..”
Good Morning & Stay Blessed

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God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth
And i just caught one
So Nice n True
Its ‘YOU’..
GooD MorninG!!
Keep 🙂

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Welcome to the new morning with
smile on ur face
LOVE in ur “heart”
Good Thoughts in ur “mind”
Wish u A Brightest Morning..