Insult SMS, Text Messages

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Scientific Question For U.. How Does Blood Reach Ur Brain,,.. Simple.. Direction Of Liquid Is Always Towards The EMPTY SPACE.. Ha Ha Ha

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U have to do 2 things early in the morning…
1st. pray to God so that u can live….
2nd.take a bath so that others can live….

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In 3 ways u can break d mirror…
1.throw stone at d mirror
2. throw the mirror on d floor.
3. stand in front of d mirror and smile by showing ur teeth….

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Scientists all over the world r wondering,
how long a human being can live without brain.
Please tell them Ur age.

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Hey friend remember that
without stupidity there can be no wisdom
& without ugliness there can be no beauty
so the world needs YOU after all!

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If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 Ur
1) good looks
2 ) nature
3 ) style
4 ) attitude,
kick them off.
How dare they fool u…

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Which is the painful way of death? Poison, Murder, Accident!, Tsunami!!! Don’t worry. its simple very very simple. ‘ur smile’.

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Most people have 5 senses.
Some people have 6 senses.
But u r blessed with 7 senses.
An extra sense is NON SENSE.

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Everything has a day…
Every pet has a day…
Every fool too has a day!
Hope you might have enjoyed your day!

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Difference between fate n stupidity: If ur father is poor, then its Ur fate, if Ur father-in-law is poor,its Ur stupidity..!!

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Do u remember Ur childhood? wen u went to a toy shop and asked shopkeeper – uncle how much cost of that monkey?…and shop keeper reply-that is a mirror my child..

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Hey Dude
A Piece Of Advice
For You … !!
Never Think Yourself As An Ugly Person
Always Consider
Yourself A Beautiful Monkey……

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Misses u..
Needs u..
Worries about u
lonely without u
Guess who?
The monkey in
… the zoo ..

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It is psychologically proved that all the fools & stupids, donkeys, monkeys, use their thumb to read messages. don’t change your finger now its to late !

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Your network tariff has changed!
Call charges r now calculated according 2 brain size.
The smaller the cheaper!
Congrats you can make free calls!