Love SMS, Text Messages

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Let love be the guide to your dreams;
Let love be the light to your heart;
Let your love be the reason why somebody else’s heart still continues to beat!

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I love the way you look at me.
I love the way you hold me.
I love the way you talked to me.
But most of all, I love the way you love me!

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Sweetheart – it’s time, I let you know;
From my life, I’ll never let you go;
Every moment of my life, you’re on my mind;
In you, my love – the whole world I find!

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I’m bad in English but I can tell you “I love you”.
I’m bad at Maths but I know that you can count on me.
I’m bad in History but I shall be there for you at all times.
I’m bad at Geography but I can tell you that you live in my heart!

DownUp -2

L: Longing for
O: Oneness with my
V: Valentine till
E: Eternity!

DownUp -1

If everyone forgets you, I’ll be with you;
If everyone betrays you, I’ll be with you;
If everyone lets you down, I’ll still be with you;
But if every one likes you, then sorry I will be with them!

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Truth is if I could be with anyone, I would still choose you. Please be mine till eternity!

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If there is anything that keeps the mind open to angel visits; and repels the ministry of evil, it is pure love!

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I love my eyes when you look into them;
I love my name when you say it;
I love your smell when you’re near;
And I would sure love my life if you enter into it and remain there forever!

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One who smokes has a smoky heart;
One who drinks has an alcoholic heart;
So dear you must stop eating sweets as you are already a sweetheart!

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It only takes a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone & a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone

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Perspective is everything! Get surrounded by motivational people who have a clear vision of Allah’s mercy, love and power.

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Tell me 3 words and letter then i am yours, and its”I Love You”

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The Human Mind Spends Most of Its time replying memories over and over with the desire to relive them… And when you do you are in Love

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I want to say I love you but i don’t want to get Hurt